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Re: mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2010
In Response To: mediumship (Belinda)

Hello Belinda

My apologies for my late reply but I have been away in California, and just returned to England.

First of all, you mention your spiritual journey and at the point where you feel it started. May I say that our spiritual journey is in fact a continuity; it is only that we become aware of its existence along our earthly pathway. This is referred to as ‘awareness’, well documented throughout the annals of history with people from the whole spectrum of experience.

You mention your thoughts on mediumship. You show an aptitude through your own experiences that have given you an insight into the differences between the psychic and the medium; this is a good indication of your spiritual capacity, vital in development. A major problem is that many people do not undergo correct spiritual training. The foundations are vital for anyone, because there are many difficulties that affect a ‘sensitive’ and the continual process of mediumship. Spiritual development is continual process where you will need the strength you have gained through a good mentor/teacher, whose skills will help you through your own furtherance of spiritual knowledge, which is always ongoing. I would suggest that you have the commonsense to have realised that you had developed to a point where you were confident in your own capacity. If this had not been the case your early psychic work could have been a hindrance. But, I believe that with a correct and sound knowledge, your spirituality will flourish and you will grow.

You mention seeing. Again you should gain spiritual training and development of awareness; this will allow you to understand whether you see the form of spirit, ‘subjectively' or 'objectively’. The difference between the two is simply - and identified through your divine gift - of either seeing, through your mind or seeing in the shape of a physical form, the latter being more extraordinary. I am not familiar with Angel Cards, this is not and area in which I work. I am an old fashioned spiritual medium; my teachings were such that direct communication with the “World of Light” was the only option, set by my spiritual teacher, mentor and my many spiritual companions.

Again, I am impressed by your desire to seek spiritual mediumship. Regarding costs I am not sure in your part of the world about prices. I would see that there will be some cost; sadly little comes free in this world. Therefore, I have checked out the internet and these two spiritual connections that would be a starting point for you: http://spiritualistchurch.com.au or http://www.spiritual.org.au. I hope they prove useful to you. It would appear that through the Spiritualist National Union in the UK my list only shows churches that are in either Victoria or Western Australia!

Kind thoughts in Light and Peace – Stephen

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