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spirit world
Date: 11 October 2010

hi my name is julie i lost my dad suddenley on 10th november 2004 i cant get over his death i find each day hard i love him so much and i miss him he died in a horrible way and most of been in loads of pain and i never said good bye to him when my dad was in the chaple of rest we was not allowed to see him cause it didnt look like my dad anyway when he was a live i said to my dad if there is anyway back would u come back and see me he said yes but im still waiting for him to come back and see me i just want to know if he is ok my mum as seen him twice where she lives is that because my dad died at home i feel like iv done somthing roung and he is mad at me i love him so so much and i miss him i still feel like my heart is broken i was wounder please do u know if my dad is ok and will he ever come back and see me and if i have done somthing roung or he is mad at me for somthing please can he let us kmow so i can put it right please will u help find the answer i will be very grateful thank u

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