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Re: career
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 October 2010
In Response To: career (Silvana)

Hello Silvana

Thank you for your question. My initial thought is whether you are asking a spiritual or material question, are you seeking material or spiritual guidance. Therefore, owing to my capacity as a ‘Spiritual Medium’, my answer will be to take the assumption that the spiritual aspect of your life is what you seek. Materially I am aware there are new opportunities and new connections to make, life may be difficult, but the equilibrium of your spiritual capacity drives your mind forward and will always be an aspect of your inner-self that seeks answers on life’s pathway.

On the point of being ‘gifted’ I hear many who profess to be mediums making assumptive suggestions to recipients of messages, refereeing to gifts. Indeed, every one of us here in this world of matter has gifts. Some people’s gifts are more effective in the World of Matter, why one may say it's because we live for the moment in this earthly world. Yet, there are others who are driven by their spiritual capacity to serve others and to understand the interaction of spiritual matters, which are within all things.

Conversely, with your own gift, my thought is as like with all of us, you must look within yourself. It is only from the settled centre that you can gain your own true spiritual essence, grasp your own realisation, and from this point move forward on the pathway of self-enlightenment, realisation and understanding. You intimate a gift for healing, the most wonderful of all of the gifts. May I suggest that you focus on your own inner-self, be still, patient and positive. We all have ups and downs in this life, look at your own personal pathway, try to understand what drives you. Again, try to look at the lessons you have learned and from the settlement of inner-peace you will find your own pathway to spiritual peace and harmony. One step at a time, always work in light and peace, the ‘Spirit World’ will support, guide, and help you to find that which you seek, and always you will find your rewards in the support of others.

In Light and Peace,

(tonight in Escondido, California)

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