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Re: Is my cat alright?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 November 2017
In Response To: Is my cat alright? (Tomiris)

Dear Tomiris,

First of all my I send my thoughts and condolence to you regarding the sad situation you have described to me. Obviously, I do not know all of the complexities within your question. However, when we have a loss, either a family member, friend, or pet… we move through the “Grieving Process”, which is a natural emotion…

There is a problem with many spiritual thinkers in that, because they are aware of the continuity of life, the assumption can be that other people think the same… Reality shows this not to be the case. Therefore, by saying: “They are in a better place… is of no consequence, help or assistance when one is moving through a grieving process…” Rather, it is a hindrance… and provides no help at all…

We are often closer to our pets than to many people we interact with, in this life. The reason is simple: “Pets give us unconditional love…” Nonetheless, the same “Natural Law of Life” continues for all living things as we move beyond the limitations of this life and move forward into the realms of eternity. As such we are then free from the restraints of this world. At the point of what many call death… we are “All” released into a “World of Enlightenment”, irrespective of whether we are of human, or from the animal kingdom…

Try to allow your spirituality to raise your inner-self and gain realisation that beyond this world, we are all at peace, in light and free… Why people do these terrible acts to any other in this world, is beyond me. Nevertheless, try to take away your sad thoughts and open up you memory of the good things you hold, within your heart…
and endeavour to move forward. Hard it may be…. look at your spirituality and not the sad situation you have written about…

Kindest thoughts
Showers of Blessing and Light

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