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Re: Contact by the spirit world
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 21 September 2017
In Response To: Contact by the spirit world (Bob)

Dear Bob

Thank you for your question, which I note you say… is a simple one. However, it is a question that evokes and divides many opinions. Nonetheless, those with higher knowledge in fact do support - work against crime and erroneous people in this world. I have worked with Security Authorities, particular those working in various sectors of criminology… like the police. On many in-depth and difficult crimes - inspiration, hunch or luck - appears, opens the way to solving a crime… particularly murder cases. One may have many ideas, on how this happens. From my perspective a guiding hand, supports from a distance… helping the good and needy.

The problem or dilemma is we are in this world to move through various experiences, working upon the development of life… If we had all the answers to all the questions, there would be no need to be in this world at this conjecture in time. So this - or any life - would be irrelevant and unimportant. As with good actions there is of course a counterbalance, in operation. Those who are enlightened - both in this world and the next - work in light… supporting the efforts of good.

In your question, the main point is to contemplate, beyond assistance already given whilst realising that not all the things we wish for can, or will happen. One answer may be, the natural law of “Cause and Effect”…. Those in the “World of Light” are also held, within restrictions - not always recognised - by those in this “World of Matter”. In simple terms, none of us knows everything… or as the adage goes: “We all have our own limitations” so for this question - the answer can only be found in what support is possible to be given. If we could solve the problem… then a result would be, there is no problem. As such, life would not be as we know it… because we would have moved out into light…

I wish there was a clearer, definitive answer. But, that is not possible. Even with the many years I have accrued with spiritual understanding, as mentioned, I appreciate - we all have our limitations… My conclusion is another saying: “There are more questions than answers…” As my spiritual teacher - always said: “We have to accept or reject…” until we have gained more enlightenment and spiritual knowledge…

Sincere Blessings for Enlightenment and Peace


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