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Re: Past life regression: how many passed lives can we have?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 August 2017

Dear Christopher

Thank you for your question. Both “Regression" and "Reincarnation” are interlinked, but are both often misunderstood. In straightforward terms, there is only “One” who possesses for both… and that is the “Supreme Creator” of all things… often referred to as God. Personally, the name I give is the “Great Spirit”… but your perception, like anyone else’s, is a word open to the individual's own interpretation. Perhaps, you should look at the teaching of Silver Birch (I have placed a link below) so you have an opportunity to gain more information.

“Regression” simply is… looking back at past earthly lives… like viewing lives in times gone by. The problem is some people believe through “Regression” we gain a portal into “Reincarnation”. On this subject, some think it is like going to a “Fair Ground”… getting on one ride, then another and another… Of course, this is illogical… the next dimension is logical and manifests itself through natural laws… Perhaps this quotation from Silver Birch on reincarnation will make matters a little clearer: “Reincarnation is the exception and not the rule…” We move back into this world for a reason and purpose… not for ourselves… but for the benefit of humanity, in the development of the whole, and not for ourselves!

In conclusion, my answer is rather short. Nonetheless, I have placed the website for Silver Birch below. I feel sure you will gain greater knowledge by reading these truly inspired words, which will help your own spiritual unfoldment.

Peace in Light and Understanding


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