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Re: souls/medium course
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 August 2017
In Response To: souls/medium course (Ela)

Dear Ela

Thank you for your question. In truth, you really need to speak to someone in depth... one-to-one, about your aspirations.

The reason for this is rather simple. Because what you speak about holds its own complexity and a very specialist discipline. Years ago, there were many protagonists. Nowadays there are very few... The reasons are many; one though is.... years ago, people sat for “Spiritual Development” for years and years and years. Often in groups; supporting each other and the most singular “Gifted Person(s)” so they could reach greater levels of spiritual unfoldment... Today, it is often about instant success and an old philosophical perspective from my teacher and mentor is: “There are no short-cuts to mediumship....” and there are not....

No person; will ever unfold and fully develop their full capacity. Irrespective of which discipline in: Science; Medicine; Art; Education; Philosophy or Spirituality...we are always unfolding our potential, slowly, very slowly....step by step.

On your question of where you may find a suitable training course. Well I am not sure you will find an appropriate course... Perhaps a “Closed Group”, but then - you will need to be invited into it. You mention a teacher... perhaps this saying from Silver Birch may help: “When the pupil is ready - the teacher will arrive....”

Patience would appear to be the answer. Also, a rather simple question to you - I am not being blunt - but ask you this: “Are you GIFTED for this special pathway....” I am sorry I do not know the answer... it is a question you have to ask yourself... But please remember the years of effort, dedication and commitment you will need. If you have these qualities and are “Truly Gifted” - you will find what you seek....but, it will not come tomorrow - perchance.... a little long away...

I wish you well in your endeavours

In Light and Peace


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