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Re: My Guardian Angel
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 March 2017
In Response To: My Guardian Angel (Suzette)

Thank you for the question. First of all, may I point out that like any situation where one is only able to observe from a third-party perspective, the answer must be generic.

Regarding the word “Guardian Angel”, this is something that can often be confusing. Why, simply because the terminology means so many things to people around the world. Yes, we are all supported by those who have entered into the high realms of eternity. Sometimes, though not always, we are aware of a presence, or a situation draws our attention by making us aware of a presence. This is a natural process and happens to everyone - whether or not they are spiritually aware. Therefore, the situation you describe is quite natural. A link from a person you have been close to in this life, may just be an easy way to contact you, without any fear. Simply the reason would be just to assure you of good news...

In reality there is one thing to remember - we are never alone, there is always someone who will support you from eternity.

Showers of blessings


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