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Re: Is our Western Society regressing spiritually?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 March 2017
In Response To: Is our Western Society regressing spiritually? (FeelingIsolated)

Dear FeelingIsolated,

Thank you for your question. When reading your words, it does indeed involve many points, so my reply is from a general perspective. Everything moves, from one point to another, nothing is still. As such, spirituality also moves, through peaks and troughs - upon the natural rhythm of life.

Regarding Spiritualism and its changes, all I can say is, I have my own opinion - which I confirm is only my personal perspective. I believe the changes are not for the betterment and good of the wider populace who seek spiritual comprehension. There’s far too much emphasis on religious indoctrination, along with singular, narrow-minded interpretation about the truths of “Spiritual Verity and Understanding”. There is a hierarchical structure, which appears to be inward thinking, held with a desire and intent for personal awards, religious regalia and self-glorification. Perhaps, this is why church/centre attendances have reduced considerably over the last twenty years. Reasons for this could be many. However, if you are not aligned to peoples’ needs and expectations, they’ll move away and find another pathway through life. So in answer to your first point, perhaps the “Paranormal” is an easier path for some people. Fortunately, it is most certainly not one for me...

Regarding your point about popularism and what is happening in the USA, Europe and the Netherlands. This is regarding political and ideological values, views and beliefs. A question, I feel is not within my spiritual support for those who read my posts.

You mention; the ‘Fox Sisters’. To be frank, it really amazes me that so much effort and energy is focused on these young people. Particularly, when you consider the real truth, that mankind has been supported by those in “Light” since the dawn of time. Spiritual intercourse is natural and never ending, an eternal stream of enlightenment that flows through every aspect of life, interacting in both this “World of Matter” and into the “World of Light and Peace”. When one considers the great spiritual protagonists this world has welcomed throughout the ages, one wonders if some people are missing the point and forget the great knowledge open to everyone... This old adage comes to mind: “You can’t see the wood for the trees...”

Finally about “Home Séances”, my understanding is there are many taking place around the world. My spiritual teacher and mentor, who passed from this world nearly 20 years ago, always said: “Spiritualism with be lost - returning back to the home...it...has...” But please do not forget, there are many paths - and one horizon. Those in “Light” are working to give a greater message. One that is happening all around the world, when supporting, helping, mentoring and opening up opportunities for many people. Though unseen to some, there is a community of people who are free from the limitations of this world, who support, through the faculty of the mind. And yes... it exists... it is known and received through inspiration, enlightenment and love...

Blessings of Lights and Peace


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