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Re: You often refer to the World of Light. What is Light?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 January 2017


This is an interesting question - though one that opens up many interpretations. Of course, each individual will see things slightly differently, because of their perspective and spiritual appreciation. But light is light - and as such allows everyone to see, grasp and gain peace and understand. However your main point appears to be about “Light”. As far as the instruction given when in a “Development Circle” - all I can say is - light is the key to taking away fear. Once fear has gone - then illumination will open your mind and you are to be free and uplifted into what is often expressed as spiritual enlightenment... A spiritual saying I have is: “No one is ever afraid of the light....”

Regarding “Love and Light” being the same thing - in my experience they are an integral part of the whole. They interact for the betterment of humanity in the wider perspective of eternity and the well-being of mankind, nature and the elements of life...

You mention the “Tunnel of light”­ that people cross. Well again it can only be described by those who have seen and experienced it. Simple words can’t describe this condition - yes you may speak superlative adjectives, to illustrate what happens - but sadly, the sensory emotions slip into insignificance when explaining this spiritual realisation.

Finally, when you ask “Is there More....”, of course there is - if not we wouldn't be at this conjecture in time - as we step out into light and eternity - because it is all endless...

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