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Re: Objective Clairaudient Problem: Camouflaged Sound
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 13 December 2016

Dear David

Thanks for your information. Though the content is rather lengthy, I have tried to extract the main points just for simplification.

First of all, looking at your dissatisfaction with Spiritualism - well this is commonplace nowadays. Simply because in my opinion it has set itself apart - from people's spiritual needs - becoming ultra-religious. But that is only my opinion and as such - stands as it is.... Please try to remember Spiritualism is only “ONE” path to enlightenment - there are many other pathways to spirituality, echoed through varying perspectives all around the world.

With these changes you mention, there have emerged many people, who unlike years ago, haven't spent years and years working to develop their gifts. Of course - it goes without question - that no one is ever fully developed. The onus within spiritual matters has switched to those who believe the process of mediumship is almost instantaneous. Yes, our gifts are with us all throughout the journey of this life - yet all things are built on good foundations. Why, because they were built to last the test of time. If you look at any gift - it is like the oceans of this world - they all ebb and flow. At one point in this life certain things open-out - at others, they appear to recede - this is our journey and in many ways, we have to accept it. Try to remember - everything has a part to play in the fulfilment of the individual.... In a way we need to simply accept and reject - an old lesson from my teacher, which has proved true on many occasions.

The point you make on discrimination is sad to say the least. Many, of the truly “Great Mediums” have been, what is referred to now as: “Gay”. Being Gay never takes away from the true essence of a person - it is the person’s inner-self which always prevails and is given from the “Divine Light” of all things - the one man calls God...

Talking about clairaudience or the clearness of any gift, is not just restricted to so called mediums. Everybody has the capacity, for so called “Spiritual Clairaudience and Clairvoyance” are with everyone. If not, when we enter into eternity, we would neither hear nor see those who moved into light... Everything is all about common-sense - which sadly isn’t so common nowadays...

You mention “Clairaudient Spiritual Mechanics” a new phrase to me. But everything is about grasping the basics. Once we have that - our whole life moves forward. This is why my “Spiritual Mentor and Teacher” was so important - he gave me the grounding and stability to understand the primary lessons of spiritual mediumship.

All gifts open at their right and proper moment - whatever they are - including the gifts I have mentioned. Basically the artist, builder, designer, musician and factory worker all have beautiful gifts. Like a precious flower they open, with their own colour and fragrance - each in the right and proper seasons of our life’s...

All gifts open are down to basic specifics. First, your gift itself, secondly the unfoldement you have attained, thirdly your basic spiritual knowledge - common-sense and the will of the “Great Creator”. And this is the most vital and fundamental point - for the giver of life is merely the reflection of any gift we possess. What will be - will be, at its right and proper moment, simply within this life, it is when the trajectory of our concept of time and the need to support other opens out...

Finally, I would like to draw upon your point about correcting your problem. It is not a problem as mentioned; everything follows a “Divine Plan”. This is something we all - eventually - have to accept as we will look back at the interactions made whilst upon the journey this life. All will become clear, as we move into the enlightened corridors of eternity and beyond...

Showers of Blessings

Enlightenment and Eternal Progression


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