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Date: 6 November 2016
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Hi Stephen

Thank you so much for you reply, very much appreciated. Great info, and wise words.

It just so happens the other day, I went to a spiritualist church, ten minutes before the service was meant to start, the medium cancelled, they were going to send everyone home....I offered my services....first time ever going solo.....it was amazing, just the push I was needing....thanks to spirit for orchestrating it all.....it was definitely meant to be. I'm so delighted it happened that way for me......hopefully this is the beginning of new things !! Spirit certainly work in mysterious ways.

I've sat in the quiet and asked my inner self and guides which way they want me to go, I do that most days......then they guided me to that church that night, they showed me what I was to do. Before being guided to the church that night, I had even thought about putting my mediumship to one side, then concentrate on something else, buy boy spirit had other ideas lol. They won't let me do something else lol. I'm glad .

Thanks again for your reply, I have loved reading through all the other questions and answers, great knowledge.

Love and blessings
Christine ❤️

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