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Re: Mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 November 2016
In Response To: Mediumship (Christine)

Dear Christine

Many thanks for your question. I am sorry for the late reply, which is simply because of the restraints of my own working schedule.

This is a recurring query, which tends to follow a familiar pattern. I believe the problem has grown because of certain major factors. Many people rush to unfold their gifts, or have difficulty in being able to connect with spiritual attuned teachers, mentors and counsellors.

The difficulty with circles is like everything, which is change. Today, there is a shortage of genuinely gifted spiritual teachers. The reason for this, again, is simple. Too many people are in a rush, have no patience, or do not understand that everything takes years and years of effort and time. This spiritual philosophical quotation is from a gifted and enlightened soul: “Better a slow climb to success that a quick fall to failure....” When the right door opens - it will open - but only when the time is right. Unfortunately in this world, we are held to the movement on the hands of time. There is a natural pattern of spiritual unfoldement and when one’s gift is at a precise point, within its development - an opportunity will come into your life. You say you’re advanced. This would appear to be your perspective. However be aware that though we move forward with one thing - there may be much we have missed. We all have an innate observation and perception of value - so take your time - it is vital least you fault. Why you may ask? Simply because the gifts we all possess are delicate and need early time to unfold - in this way the fragrance of our spirituality touches other people and not ourselves...

One a last point - merely on a personal level - I don’t sit in a circle and haven’t done since my spiritual teacher moved into light twenty-five years ago... Therefore my conclusion is rather simple. Ask your inner-self and those who interact from a higher level of knowledge who support you, in reaching your zenith point in this life...

In hope of your further enlightenment and understanding

Blessings and Light

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