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Re: mum
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 September 2010
In Response To: mum (marymcinulty)

Hello Mary,

First of all, may I extend to you at this very sad and difficult time my sincere thoughts and prayers. It is a harrowing time when one are faced with seeing a loved one, where the pain and sorrow is so deep.

Regarding your question, there are people who have different views, held through their own religious beliefs, or the teachings of their particular faith or religion. Therefore, my answer to you is my own belief, spiritual teachings and the information I have personally received over my 30 years as a spiritual medium. Consequently, taking into account the sensitivity of others who read this blog, all I can say is this is my personal view. If others have their view, then it is for them to decide for themselves within their own spiritual comprehension.

I believe that the ‘Soul’ is the monarch, the king, as it were of the body. The physical body possess no gifts, it is the soul that illuminates us all. The Soul is that element of divinity that is given to us at the moment of conception, and is a part of us throughout our total existence, both here and when we move out into the eternal World of Light. For that reason, I believe that the Eternal Light of the Soul never leaves us; it is an integral part of our being, so at the moment of physical death, we, along with our soul, move immediately into the Golden Light of Eternity. Immediately, we are greeted by those we have known and loved us, who await our safe return to our true home, a world which is but a single breath away. Where your Mum, along with all of us, will be greeted by the hands of those who care for us, they shall lift our being, with the light of our soul, into the residence of the Divine Light. All pain, fear, darkness and sorrow will be gone, yet the link between those who are left in the World of Earth, is through love, the portal, the doorway between the Two Worlds.

I hope your sister is with you at the moment when your family need to stand together. Please remember that ‘Love’ is the bond, and love is the great link of unity. It will be of little consolation to you, but I have seen, and been close to the situation you mention many times in my life. No words, can express that pain of losing a loved one; my thoughts are with you and my prayers for your family and friends. Perhaps, when you feel like it, you may wish to contact me for a copy of the poem my father gave to my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett received from ‘Spirit’, many years ago. My father passed from this life with cancer, after suffering terribly, but the poem ‘Grieve not for Me’ has given countless people comfort over many years.

Peace cometh after pain.

In Light and Eternal Peace,

Aug 27, 2010

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