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Is it possible to contact specific people?
Date: 24 May 2016

Hello Mr. Wakeling.

I would like to know if it is possible to contact a specific person. It isn't someone that I am (or was) connected with. He is a man that lived in this world a long time ago (he was born in 1810-Poland, and passed away in 1849-Paris). I thought that it would be possible to contact him, when I recently heard a direct voice medium session recording (that event took place in the 1960's). According to unofficial sources, he's appeared (through these spiritual sessions) a few times in the 20th century.

I was looking forward to talk to him (I am also aware that he must be willing to talk to me too, and that I need someone with the special gift to create a stable connection).
Just to provide an additional information... That man has certainly moved to a good place (world of light) when he passed (in some recordings he describes that place and he says that it is full of light and beautiful buildings).

Thank you so much for your time sir!

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