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Re: Healing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 June 2016
In Response To: Healing (Emma)

Dear Emma

This is an unusual question, so I am looking back at a similar question asked to my spiritual teacher Jack Corbett, many years ago. The question is about “Energy”, a vital element that is often spiritually over looked nowadays. I feel it best to answer simply, rather than looking into physics with an explanation about observed quantity and the ability of a physical system working on another physical system. It is better to realise that energy moves naturally. Indeed, the mind is spiritual energy, which manifests itself through the material body, and the brain is an element, or component faculty of the physical.

I would advise, the answer is natural by nature, and neither supernatural or aberrant. For that reason, taking a simplistic perspective, we should be looking at the obvious. Yes, to a degree, we can control energy. For example if we don’t eat correctly, we lose energy, if we eat the wrong things - like too much sugar intake, for a short period we could over do it. Controlling energy can be done through meditation or relaxation – as with conservation of our physical energy levels. Nonetheless, it is impossible to answer exactly to the scenario you describe. Why you may ask? Simply because I wasn’t there and, of course, do not hold all of the relevant details, or what happened, gaining only your short narrative. As such, one must take the reasoning, which it that it is a natural occurrence. If not and the implication is one of a spiritual experience, then it is an awareness beyond this world. I suggest you should look to open up your spiritual understanding, knowledge and move forward. I am sure like – everything - it will reach a point of balance, as you move forward

Kindness and Light


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