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Re: Marijuana use prior to a reading
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 May 2016
In Response To: Marijuana use prior to a reading (Monica)

Dear Monica

Any question with reference to the use of an illegal drugs presents difficulty in any answer. Not taking the moral high ground in my reply is vital. We have the great fortune to be given “Free Will”; as such, our actions are entirely our responsibility. I may have lived through the “Swigging 60”, but apart from prescribed medication I have had no inclination to take any drugs. Rather with all things, I much prefer to be, as much as is possible, in control of my own faculties. Sadly drugs, in my observations and experience, take away clarity of thought and awareness of everyday senses and surroundings. Nevertheless, if people want or need illegal drugs, it is their own concern and most certainly not for my personal thoughts or input...

From a spiritual perspective, in essence you have answered your own question. Why would anyone wish to take either alcohol or drugs, when entering into spiritual interaction with those of a higher authority? Spiritual enlightenment is the aim in support of other people, through receiving and partaking in spiritual union. One doesn’t need any substitute for being a medium; it is a “Great Gift”, given from divinity - in support of others who need direction, comfort, peace and guidance. I am not a religious person; on the contrary - I see my work as wholly spiritual. Perhaps you may find the answer with the great religions of the world, and how their elders, priests, gurus, seers and prophets have used their link with eternity. They prepare themselves, mind and body, often by cleaning and preparation for divine contact. In short, communication through enlightened souls is a link in the golden chain moving upwards to the creator of all things - the one man calls - God...

In conclusion, the final answer can only be yours and yours alone. I see myself as a Universalist; still, a principle used by Spiritualists is significant in making your own judgement: “Personal Responsibly........”

I wish you well

Kindest thoughts in Light and Understanding


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