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Re: Communicating with spirit
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 April 2016
In Response To: Communicating with spirit (Ellie)

Dear Ellie

I almost feel like saying eureka, because this is a spiritual question. You ask about maintaining contact with those who have moved beyond this physical world. The reality is simple in that we are always interlinked, at varying levels and degrees. It all depends on our spiritual unfoldement and the gifts we are given from the divine creator.

You say to see and sense. These are gifts in themselves and everyone has them, but like all things, they are ever unfolding and opening out. It takes years and years of dedication in any discipline to move forward and enhance and reach our full potential. Spirituality is no different; all things take patience and continual development. Often a part of your gift may open when another may appear to slip away. As you say, you do not hear; it may be a question of time, inner development, or simply waiting for when the time is right.

Later in life other changes will occur. It is like painting a great canvass. Slowly and gradually, the content and clarity opens, sometimes we feel we are going backwards - yet it is all part of a greater plan. To stay in contact for longer: well if you have clear-sight for a few minutes, then you are very fortunate, not everyone gains this gift. Again, it is back to the same point. You must develop your gifts, as my spiritual teacher said: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of spiritual knowledge and attainment...” Basically, present yourself to your spiritual companions, through patience, dedication, effort - and of all things, love and understanding, one moves forward. When the time is right, your gifts open and shine through...

For continued spiritual unfoldement, try to remember, even the great gurus and seers of the past spent their physical lives seeking to open further their gifts through inner-peace and enlightenment...

I wish you well in the many years ahead.

Showers of Light and Peace


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