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Re: Animals in the spirit world
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 24 December 2015
In Response To: Animals in the spirit world (Alan)

I am sorry that it took time to reply back to you. Like anyone I am held to the restraints of time. However there is a relatively simple answer, which is ‘yes’ to your question. Every living thing lives within its own parameters, both in this world, or the next. In fact, whilst we are in this world, we interact at different levels, depending on our individual aspirations. With the animal kingdom, their expectations are different to ours, perhaps this is why we say our pets give unconditional love - though I don’t know how this operates with reptiles and vertebrate...

Taking the viewpoint that all life exists from a divine source, which provides at vital spark, which is life itself, then it is realistic to comprehend that all things which come for a source, must inevitably return back to its creator, completing a movement. As such the ‘Cycle of Life’ becomes complete...

Just because we are attached to a particular animal - cat, dog, or whatever - doesn’t mean they are the only ones who move into the “World of Light and Peace” which you refer to as, the “Spirit World”. That view would be illogical; the next dimension is logical, operating within its own natural laws. No person understands the finite detail of all living things, whether large or microscopic. All things have a reason; to some extent the dilemma is held within our rather limited understanding. As like with all things, in our understanding, we have to either accept or reject, at the point of our spiritual unfoldement...

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