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Re: Curious
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 November 2015
In Response To: Curious (Kim)

Hello Kim

Thank you for your question which is similar in its content to many I receive nowadays. In general, most people have either a spiritual or a near death experience. For some this may awaken inner spiritual realisation, and for others it will not. You should try to remember that everyone in some way or another, is gifted, but this doesn’t mean a person is going to be a medium. Mediumship carries a great responsibility, and like anything in this life, has many avenues of expression. In short it is not just about giving a message; there are many characteristics which bring together a flow of spirituality to support humanity.

Again, I receive a question where a person, personally knows someone, who is spiritually inclined. I understand you live in South Africa, quite a few thousand miles from my hometown. So logically why not ask this person your question, on a one-to-one basis, which would make things easier for you. However, I understand that being clairvoyant doesn’t necessarily mean anyone who has the refined attributes of mediumship, which opens the mind to great awareness, spiritual depth and understanding. Nonetheless this friend should have the capacity to help you move forward; as such why not just talk to them?

I would suggest that if you seek for spirituality, you look for a ‘Spiritual Centre’ in your local area. If this is not possible, then look through the articles within ‘Spiritualist Resources, or my previous answers to questions.

My conclusion is rather simple. If you believe you are a gifted medium – than ask your spiritual companions who reside in light. If this is not possible, one can only assume your gift is not sufficiently developed to follow the path you imply, you wish to walk upon. There is every chance this correspondence will be a one-way journey. Therefore, I wish you every success in future days, which with all probability will not be of monetary gain, other than of spiritual fulfilment and upliftment.

Showers of Blessings and Knowledge


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