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Re: Fear of Death
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 September 2015
In Response To: Fear of Death (Marshall)

Hello Marshall

Sadly from the distance I write - I would need either a million words, or just a few, to answer your question.

The easy option is this. We all live for a period of time in this physical world. When we reach the end of this life, we simply move forward and onto another journey. Some may say we are born to die, though this to me - is a rather singular perspective on life. You may fear physical death – you may not. But sure as life unfolds – it will happen to you, as it will happen to me. Perchance, the only difference we have is I know where I am going. There is no point in being afraid – it will not help and will only cause you problems. An ancient book says this: “We move from eternity into this world and return back into eternity”...

Simply read my previous posts, and fear will dissipate. Or stay in the shadows of fear. There is only one person who knows what is right for an individual and of course - that is you...

Showers of Blessing and Light


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