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Re: Confused Soul
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 September 2015
In Response To: Confused Soul (Chelsea)

Dear Chelsea

I am sorry that it takes time to reply back to you, but like anyone I am held to the restraints of time.

There’s a lot of confusion in your words and the purpose of my page on ‘Spiritualist Resources’ is to help people with everyday spiritual understanding. With the depth of your enquiry, it may appear you need to talk to someone face-to-face. The problem nowadays is there are many people, who like you, are not at peace with themselves. Whether you have great wealth or have financial hardship, gaining inner-peace in this heady material world is difficult, to say the least. You mention having fond recollections of the Spiritualist Church you attended. Nonetheless, the second scenario mentioned is obviously very different, which in itself, is not at all unusual, and affects many people. Just because a person attends a certain church, temple or meeting house, doesn’t mean you find they are spiritual, or can help with what you are seeking. One can look out at the universe, yet it is within which really count. Inner-peace is the starting point for all of us. Once you have inner-peace, gradually the veil of doubt and insecurity slips aways and the movement of life will become fulfilled.

You say you have tried meditation and it hasn’t worked. But who supported you, or at least, gave you help and advice - perchance no one… There are various techniques. One may suit one person; another may be of no use at all to you. I would suggest you look through the previous posts I have placed on this website. If not, then look through the internet. Perhaps you may try Yoga, listen to music, or basically seek a spiritual counsellor/mentor. As they say, no one size fits everyone. It really is a case of seek and you will find. Nonetheless I do feel you need professional guidance and consultation, though this needs to be with someone who has credibility, knowledge and compassion...

I hope this helps in some small way.

Kindest thoughts

In Light and Peace


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