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Re: Mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 September 2015
In Response To: Mediumship (Dawn)

Dear Dawn

Many thanks for your question. I am sorry for the late reply, which is through the restraints of my own working schedule. Nonetheless, this a recurring query which follows a familiar pattern. I believe the problem has grown owing to certain major factors. Too many people rush to unfold their gifts, or have difficulty in being able to connect with spiritual attuned teachers, mentors and counsellors.

I note with interest that you say you are clairsentient. If this is the case and your gift has unfolded, why not ask those enlightened souls who work within you energy field for their help? Spirituality is not within the bounds of any single belief or religious doctrine. One seeks to gain peace through spiritual understanding and awareness of the interaction of life in both dimensions. To open up your spirituality, it takes years and years of dedication and patience. Everything takes time and effort. Every now and then we step forward and appear to take two-steps backwards - this is normal. We need to understand the simplicities of life, before the veil of understanding and spiritual balance becomes easier and opens within your inner-self.

The final point you make is about your spiritual companions vanishing. Without sounding impolite may I confirm you have not offended your spiritual companions - and you are not blocked. Everything happens for a reason. All is logical and most certainly - not illogical. If you look at this life as if we are moving upon a fast flowing river: There are times when it runs slow, slips into an offshoot channel, or runs deep, then shallow. The river of this life runs through its course until the day it returns into the great source - the ocean of eternity.

I would suggest a couple of points. The first is, try to find a teacher/mentor who has knowledge and has grasped spiritual verity. Secondly, if you are genuinely wishing to open your gift(s) for the benefit of others, look at the many questions I have answered over the years perchance you may get inspiration. As such your journey with open and unfold for you...

Kindest thoughts of spiritual enlightenment


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