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Re: Entering Heaven
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 August 2015
In Response To: Entering Heaven (Alfred)

Dear Alfred

Many thanks for your question.

I note with interest your understanding of spiritual matters from an early age and your awareness of the continuity of life. However, I do find the point about getting a direct message from Jesus disturbing. Everyone interacts with those who have taken a step into eternity. Nonetheless, if you take a step back and look at the overall plan of life, which is peace through enlightenment, we all have to realise this not an easy thing to achieve. When someone says they have a soul who is enlightened beyond our imagination, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or highly evolved spiritual souls, to say the least - I have deep concerns. Yes, you may feel the essence of a particular spiritual entity; but with a soul of the magnitude you mention, it is totally unrealistic. You state being a son of “God”. Well the reality is simple - we are all sons and daughters of the one you refer to as “God”. Whatever you name God, from whatever age or point in time, there is a ‘Supreme Power’ or ‘Source of Energy’ that we recognise as “Divinity” or “The Divine Light” - the creator of the universe and beyond.

If you look at spiritual knowledge and awareness, one learns that we are part of the great source of all things. I assure you NO singular deity – Jesus or not - would make such a statement. The door to eternity is open for all of us... As with those who call themselves Spiritualists, I do agree with one of their core principles “Compensation and Retribution” for everyone in the next life. How this works - I am glad to say - lies with those who are more enlightened than I. Yet, if you are a good person you will reap the benefits of a good life. For those who are not, or evil like those who perpetrate pain and suffering upon others, then perhaps ‘Karma’ is the pathway to salvation. In short as you reap so you will sow…

Now to your final point, about being either a teacher, or a chosen one. It does not matter who you follow; the light of humanity is the same: it is “love”. Love is the greatest gift of all the creator of the universe; with it you have everything, without it you have nothing. It doesn’t matter what pathway you are on, there is only one horizon, and enlightened souls who support your movement into light and spiritual unfoldment.

Showers of Blessings


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