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Re: clairvoyance
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 August 2010
In Response To: clairvoyance (lena)

Dear Lena,

Regarding your interest on spiritual matters, the first thing and an important one, is that we are all gifted in one way or another, the difference is the capacity we each possess. I would rather use the word capacity, than greater, or lesser. Why? Because we are talking about spiritual matters and the capacities you have are through your divine gift, or the development you have attained in this work, which is ultimately to give, and not to receive. Sadly a point many younger mediums forget; perhaps they should look down the corridor that history presents, and see the ability of our past ‘great mediums’, who worked tirelessly for the benefit of mankind and not themselves.

Today many of my contemporaries sadly use the phrase ‘you are gifted’ without allowing the statement appropriate thought or, it can be misused as a ‘gap-filler’ when giving a spiritual message. I am not saying this has happened to you, but often without thought, the message interpretation on a personal level may be higher than the reality of your gift. Each of us here on Earth has a role to play, each of us are unique. Yet, we are part of the collective thought process, so with this in mind, the part we play is not insignificant because all things are special and within the divine presence, all have equal value.

You mention giving a message. This is a natural process, because we all have the ability for spiritual communication. Why, because we are all interconnected with the natural processes of life, both here and in the ‘World of Eternal light’. So in response to your question are you gifted the answer is yes, but your gift may not be in mediumship. Look at the other attributes you have, and there will be the gifts of your being, reflected like jewels, radiant in their splendour. My Aunt, who passed some years ago, went to a local Spiritualist Church with me many years ago. She used to say that she had no gifts! Well perhaps not to stand upon a public platform, and give messages. But as a person, she was radiant, kind, thoughtful, sincere and spiritual; what greater gifts could one ask for?

So look within yourself. If you receive a message, then learn how to pass that message over to someone. Life is not all about being a medium. My Spiritual Teacher and Mentor always said: “be best of what you are and not second best of someone else”. So open up your intuitive capacity, look within, grasp the spirit and work on the gifts that you have and you will also gain inner-peace, serenity and light.

I hope this helps you build your own spiritual capacity to grow and develop.

In Peace and Light - Stephen

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