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Re: Question about the Akashic Records
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 June 2015
In Response To: Question about the Akashic Records (Nicole)

Dear Nicole

In life, there are many people who speak about subjects they know little about. When it comes to spiritual knowledge, there are many who throw common-sense out of the window and offer naive and implausible opinions. There are countless numbers of people who cast-out speculative guesses, opinions and supposition, which adds to a state of confusion.

I have been involved in spiritual work for over forty years. Even so I am not the font of all knowledge and there are areas of understanding I have no understanding, or possess no comprehension. Through the many questions I have answered, the point about reincarnation comes up many times. Regarding ‘Akashic Records’, I have to be totally honest: I had never heard of them. In fact my understanding is limited to looking on ‘Wikipedia’. Personally, having looked at the subject, I must confess it holds little consequence to my own spiritual aspirations.

I come from a school of thought which believes in reincarnation. A standard characteristic is the ability to recognise certain places and specific details. Some people would have recollection of more than one link to the past; others are sensitive to names, language, writing and religious doctrines. One would suggest that life is a mechanism which allows for growth through change and opportunities, some good, others not so good. When I hear the word ‘Reincarnation’ I find it often misinterpreted and over used. The ancient Greeks would use the terminology palingenesis meaning: ‘To be born again’. The celebrated teachings of ‘Silver Birch’ touch upon this subject in great depth. Silver Birch’s thoughts are that reincarnation is: “The exception, and not the rule”. This means that life and its fulfilment is not just a revolving-door. The essence of life is multi-dimensional. The purposes of our individual lives are part of a collective, essential for the growth and development of humanity. Logic states you have to be in this life to gain knowledge, to build you personality, individuality, and open your spiritual aptitude through the lessons of matter. This ‘World of Earth’ is the schoolhouse of learning.

My conclusion is like your main point - all is integrated. Fundamentally, believe all spiritual understanding is not about the ‘Individual’ (I), but all about the ‘Whole’ (We). Each of us is part of the great ‘Divine Plan’ and our life(s) are for the development of the family of humanity, in which we all play a vital part.

I hope this helps; perchance you may look through the many other questions I have answered on this subject. Alternatively why not look at the teaching of ‘Silver Birch’ on www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk

In Peace and Enlightenment


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