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Re: why won't my deceased mum contact me?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 May 2015
In Response To: why won't my deceased mum contact me? (Nicole)

Thank you for your question, though I am sorry for the late reply but I have been away from home and had no access to the internet.

However, first of all, may I draw your attention to one simple fact that it is those in the ‘World of Light’ who contact us here in ‘Earth, and not the other way around? Sometimes, the communication between loved ones is almost instantaneous; others may have to wait for many years for spiritual communication. I am sorry to say there is no hard and fast rule, indeed a question that has confounded people since time began.

Some people see loved-ones almost straight away, as they pass into light. Others hear, sense a loved one, and in other cases smell a certain perfume, in short any of our senses can be opened to provide a channel for communication of our loved ones' continual survival beyond physical death. Often a good way of contacting those who are left in this world is through the ‘landscape of a dream’. Why, because whilst we are asleep, in what we call ‘Astral’, we can intercommunicate in the anti-room of the spirit. The mind, in the state of sleep, is not chaotic, as such interaction is easy, because the link is closer between both energy fields. Often, when we awaken, we will remember a certain point, or situation; also, there may be something within your dream that seems odd, the colour, and scenery, etc. The reason for this is very simple – you remember the interaction with your loved one, we cannot recall everything, because we are still here living and learning through the lessons of the world where we are now residing - earth!

I would like to mention a situation about a person I know, who was also seeking contact of a loved-one. Though the ‘President’ of a ‘Spiritual Centre’ for many, many years, he never received a particular message from his brother. It took over 45 years for the piece of evidence he was looking for to be given to him. In short, it related to how his brother passed over, which was in tragic circumstances. Nonetheless, it did happen and his brother through a ‘Genuine Gifted Medium’ was able to pass on evidential information – but it did take many years of seeking...

May I suggest that you seek a genuine spiritual medium from your own part of the world? There are many ‘Spiritualist Churches’, or ‘Centres’. If you have difficulty in finding a suitable church or centre, may I suggest you look through pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’. Once you have found an appropriate place, or person to contact, please go with an open-mind, communication with your loved one may not be immediate, but seek and you will find! If you have closed mind, or singularly focused, you may block the spiritual ‘Portal of Communication’. So try to be open-minded and when the conditions are right, all will happen.

Patience, Blessings and Showers of Light


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