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Re: Heaven/Reincarnation Question
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 April 2015
In Response To: Heaven/Reincarnation Question (Gregg)

Dear Gregg

Well this is a most interesting question to ask. However before I start to answer, I would like to make a few important points. First of all this is a subject that has numerous intricacies and interacts with many religious and faith perspectives. Some, though not all, have their roots in eastern cultures; as such there are many different views one needs to consider. Secondly, I have the good fortune of having had a truly gifted teacher and mentor. Nonetheless, one must be aware that I can only answer within my comprehension, understanding and spiritual knowledge.

Taking these points onboard, I consider it best to first look at the subject a little more. I for one believe that reincarnation exists. Though some people today are of the belief that reincarnation is like jumping ‘on and off’ of a moving cycle, almost like a short holiday, or, where shall I rush off to next! Reincarnation is not for individual gain, it is part of the unfoldment of the ‘whole’ and answerable to the natural ‘Law of Cause and Effect’. In simple terms: there needs to be a reason for returning back into this life. Often in this heady, rapid material life, we cannot see beyond today, never mind the part we play within the mechanism of humanity. The concept of life is ever changing and multi-dimensional; where upon, we are always interacting with others, who are moving upon the ever changing wheel of life. The consequence of which is there has to be cause and reason for all things. The ‘Eternal World of Light’ like this ‘World of Earth’ holds nothing by chance, as such logic is the yardstick for understanding – nothing is by chance...

For that reason, taking the points identified in the previous paragraph, one takes the perspective that looks face-on at logic. It is totally illogical to think that one moves from one dimension into another, almost like changing clothes in a fancy dress shop, rather foolish and idiotic one presumes. I always find it amusing whereupon believers in reincarnation appear to have had previous exalted lives. Generally, they have been kings, queens, nobility, famous people, or charismatic leaders. Alas, very few had mundane jobs like mill-workers, or in my case, being a slave transported from one continent to another, though this has proved logical, and a stimulus for my work for equalities in this life.

So, let’s go back to your question, which to me is the alignment upon the movement of time as we know it in this world. The difficulty I feel you have is not understanding the measurement of a ‘Physical Dimension’ and the realms immeasurable process of infinity and ‘Eternity’. So the conclusion is rather simple. Most people who have a bond of love or friendship move from this dimension into the next at different times. This movement, between the two-energy fields, doesn’t stop one seeing each other and understanding the great awareness of spiritual matters and, of course, the ‘Natural Law of Attraction’...

Perhaps if you were to read the teachings of ‘Silver Birch’, the spiritual guide of the great trance medium of Maurice Barbanell. You can find more details on the website: www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk I take the same belief in reincarnation as Silver Birch said: “reincarnation is the exception, rather than the rule”. The books are relatively inexpensive, and will give a detailed insight into this interesting subject.

My conclusion is yes you will meet again. Try to realise that time, as we know it, is a comprehension, grasped within the limitations of our earthly existence and not within the golden movement of eternity.

Kindest thoughts of knowledge, learning and peace


Postscript on Reincarnation

Perhaps, you might like to look at Wikipedia and link to the page about Professor Ian Pretyman Stevenson who was a Canadian psychiatrist, and pioneered research into reincarnation. He worked for the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine for 50 years, as ‘Chair of the Department of Psychiatry’ from 1957 to 1967, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry from 1967 to 2001, and Research Professor of Psychiatry from 2002 until his death.

His work involved studying children, who could remember exact and verifiable details, of their prior life; they never could have come to know in this their current child life.

It is understood that these details can be objectively and independently confirmed. Remarkably and quite biologically enigmatic, some of them have birth marks, and birth defects, at very same locations as the lethal injury causing their often abrupt and violent past life death. For example, being born with five missing fingers after a prior life accident where they were cut off...

Birthmarks at the exact location where they got gunshot wounds in their prior life, which could be confirmed from the autopsy report of their deceased individuality. Furthermore, some can speak a language they had never learnt in this life (Xenoglossy which is the putative paranormal phenomena which a person is able to speak or write a language he or she could not have acquired) corresponding to their past life language and nationality. They can, in some cases, remember names of siblings and other family members, from their past-life family, who they never have met in this life...

I hope this little extra information helps you.

Showers of light and blessings - Stephen


With all questions; I take the standpoint that of my answers are generic, as such I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure, composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

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