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Re: Tools
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 March 2015
In Response To: Tools (Jane)

Dear Jane

Many thanks for your very kind comments you have written.

First of all I am sorry for my late reply; unfortunately, with time restraints, my everyday commitments have been hectic over the last period of time. Anyway it does seem some time since I was at ‘Harmony Grove’ over in California. I had some tremendous feedback from many people who attended that evening, though my days of evenings of this kind are now gone. Within your words, there are many ways in which we can serve our loved-ones, companions who are now in ‘light’. For me my daily life is supporting the bereaved, in a way that has taken me a full circle, taking me to the reason why I started to develop my spiritual journey, many years ago...

The main point you make is about ‘Tools’. To me, the most important words you used are, when you say ‘Ask and Me’. Nowadays, there are many who wrongly believe they have some sort of ‘Divine Right’ to everything. It is obvious to me, your spiritual development shines through, showing your attainment into higher knowledge, through humility and understanding – long may it last and build further.

Showers of Blessing and Light


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