Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Date: 14 February 2015

Hi Stephen! I saw you work at Harmony Grove in California a few years ago. I was the lady in pink who had the double Thompson and a Ruby: my mother-in-law, who was born Thompson and married an unrelated Thompson and their dearest friend Ruby.

Actually, this is more of a comment than a question. I've read a few of your responses and saw that some people are asking questions about 'tools'. One that works for me when I'm drawing a blank is to close my eyes and put out my hand and asking spirit to put something in it. They never cease to amaze me! Things I'd have never dreamed of appear that I am able to sense or even see and describe and invariably the person I'm reading for sucks in a startled breath and explains to me what it means. So far, it's always been significant. It's a good way of getting the 'me' out of the way.

Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' and thank you for being so spot on with names nobody could have guessed.

Blessings of health!

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