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Re: Psychosis and insight
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2015
In Response To: Psychosis and insight (Brooke)

Dear Brooke

This may sound strange to you, but I cannot, and never give any answer to any medical diagnosis, asked by anyone. Why you may ask? The answer is very simple - I possess no medical qualifications, credentials, or accreditation. My limited knowledge is that psychosis is a medical psychiatric disorder, caused by an illness affecting the brain. As such it affects the balancing functioning of the mind, which is a primary psychological or psychiatric disorder. As a result I handle any medical question, as a layman, and therefore cannot answer because I have no grounding in this honourable profession.

However on a personal note, I find it rather strange, to say the least, when spiritual protagonists cannot see the difference between the two points you refer to. The answer is obvious to say the least. However, what I do understand is that people with psychological discord have: “Voices telling them what to do”... All the same, genuine mediums have a “Divine - Spiritual Gift”, to hear those who have moved into a higher vibrational energy. We all have freedom of our own will and are: “NEVER, EVER, TOLD WHAT TO DO”... Yes, we are guided, counselled, nurtured, advised, assisted, supported and helped throughout this life, whether we are aware of the existence of eternity, or not...

As a result, if someone says they are “TOLD” to do something, then this is most certainly ‘NOT’ from the ‘World of Light’. To be totally honest – the answer to your question is so easy, people miss the point. I really do wish people would stop blaming those who reside in the ‘World of Light’ for their own inadequacies. As my spiritual teacher always said: “Don’t blame invisible forces for your own short comings”...

In enlightenment, understanding and peace


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