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Re: Confused
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2015
In Response To: Confused (Robert)

Dear Robert

Thank you for your question, though my reply will be rather short. First though, I cannot understand why you seek answer with psychics, or e-mail readings, when what you need is to consult with a spiritual medium. You may ask yourself what is the difference? The answer is immense, though I suggest if you are interested in spiritual unfoldement, you perchance could look at the vast amount of answers I have placed onto this website. Yes, this might be time consuming, but if you really want to awaken you spirituality, there is no short cut to spiritual enlightenment.

Now onto the second point: you live very close to the ‘Mansfield Spiritual Centre’, on Dallas Street. I would suggest you pay them a visit. The President is a personal friend, and the ‘Centre’ is open every Sunday, as well as in the week. They hold unfoldement classes; if you wish, there is an open opportunity where you can gain spiritual knowledge and understanding.

So my conclusion is simple. Rather than accept give away statements like: “You have spiritual potential”, which is a throwaway comment - Why? Because everyone in this world, or the next, have potential - the overriding question you must ask yourself is, will you seek to open and unfold your capabilities, and to this, only one person has the answer – and that is you...

In Light and Understanding


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