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Re: Will I ever see my son again?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 February 2015
In Response To: Will I ever see my son again? (Christine)

Dear Christine

First of all, I am sorry to hear your sad news. There are not any points within the question where I can give you an answer. Because I do not know your personal circumstances; I can only give an answer which is generic in its content.

It would appear that with your loss, you are within the throes of grief. For anyone, grief takes time to come to terms with. For some people, this may be a short period of time, for others it may take a person all the way through this life. In simple terms, everyone grieves differently. For my part, I have been a ‘Seeker’ looking for answers, though this is not everyone’s pathway. Often an easier route is to believe there isn’t a continuum of life. Personally, this is illogical, because the movement of life follows a logical path. Whilst my daily working life is supporting those with loss and tragedy, I remember and use an old phrase from the Judaism: “We move from eternity into this world and one day return back again” – wise old words...

Now back to your question. Life moves everyone forward; for some individuals it may be many earthy years, for others it is shorter. The span of life unfolds to a greater authority and wider plan than we can comprehend. We only see a part of the interaction of life, because we all have imperfections and limitations. Nonetheless, where there is “Love”, there is the magical link, which unites the ‘Two-Great Worlds of Light and Earth’. The conclusion was transcribed many thousands of years ago: “Seek and you will find”. Therefore, close you mind; all is lost. Open your mind and you will be illumed with enlightenment and peace. Loved ones who now reside in light will always be able to reach you, and give reassurance that life is eternal for us all.

So my conclusion is rather simple, and says to everyone, the answer is yes, we will ‘all’ meet again in a future day, beyond the realms of this ‘World of Earth and Matter’...

Showers of light and blessing


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