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Re: Could a relative be watching over our child?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 January 2015

Hello Jorim

Many thanks for your question, one which resonates with a request for spiritual information about something that is more common than you think. To be clear, I can assure you there are many accounts of relatives and friends who have passed into light returning back into this earthly dimension to give support to loved-ones and of course children.

Regarding the orbs you mention, obviously I cannot answer to what you saw, as I wasn’t there. However orbs are only concentrations of energy which make you aware of a spiritual presence. Perhaps, if you understand that in the next dimension the mind is predominant and it is through the communication of the mind, within its many facets, that is the key to understanding and knowledge. When you realise thought travels faster that light, or sound, you start to grasp how loved-ones, now in light, can enter into our energy field, and then be gone as if in a flash. As such, this is inter-linked with the other most important ingredient - love, and is why and how the ‘World of Light’ draws close to the ‘World of Earth and Matter’.

Another reason again is very simple. If you are a resident in this world and love your children, or grandchildren, the natural thing is that you want to be with them. Taking this explanation and motive, it is easy to understand why this same emotion is also so real when you stand just a step further away.

You mention ‘bad spirits’. Again this gives reference to the problems provided by those of the paranormal fraternity, who seem to perpetuate darkness and fear. This is all built upon lack of knowledge, or over sensationalising matters. The reality is that people who have moved forward into light return to help those in this dimension. Fear is the problem. The truth really is that the only thing to fear is fear itself concerning this doorway into light, peace and fulfilment of all that is true and good.

My conclusion is simple accept those who come to you with the love that opens them to you, and you will be enlightened as you move through this life.

Showers of Blessings


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