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Re: Reiki
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 November 2014
In Response To: Reiki (Lyn)

Dear Lyn

Thanks for your question. I am sorry nowadays it takes longer for my replies, particularly at this point in the calendar owing to my ‘Remembrance Day’ commitments.

The enquiry you make can only, ultimately, be answered by yourself. The reason being that only you, and your spiritual companions, are aware of what exactly your gift(s) allow, and to how spiritually you have unfolded the particular talents you have been bequeathed by the supreme energy of life. All gifts are a reflection of the greatness of the whole; we only play a small part in the unfoldement of knowledge, in service of humanity.

There are very few people, particularly nowadays, who have the capacity to excel in more than one spiritual discipline. Yes, in days gone by, we had great spiritual ‘Healers and Mediums’, which are in simplicity one of the same. Today there is a desire for a quick-fix approach to spiritual understanding. To this end, many try to open too many spiritual avenues and their main gift is diluted and wasted. In short, you will need to know what fits into your inner-thinking, concepts and understanding. Perhaps it is like trying on a piece of clothing, either it fits and is comfortable, or it doesn’t.

Though I occasionally undertake spiritual healing, my primary gift lies elsewhere. On the subject of Reiki, I am aware of its potential, it is not within my own field of learning or expertise. Nor do I have great knowledge about the subject; therefore I will not express any views. I understand that Reiki supports and helps to give comfort, and to this end, a most precious gift. You mention receiving spiritual message; I would suggest there is a lot more to it if you wish to start to unfold this particular aptitude. It takes years and years of dedication, effort, commitment and above all the ability, within the divine gift itself. Nonetheless, if you wish to move into this area of spirituality, you will need to find a teacher who is skilled and possesses the capacity to teach. Sadly there are not too many about. Perhaps the main problem you may encounter is where to go. Unfortunately Spiritualism has changed - in my opinion, not for the good. It is now either held by those who seek religious doctrine, or at the other polar-opposite, we have the paranormal fraternity. At the centre point of these variant opposites, is where the beauty of the interaction between the two-worlds happens – this you find through all walks of life, throughout the whole world, all under the mantle of spirituality. Even so, if it is your pathway, a door will open – it always does...

You mention ‘strange things happening’; this is nothing unusual, it happens to us all, and is really just a part of life... You also refer to your son of ten years of age. Yes, many years ago, we had extremely gifted spiritual mediums. Indeed my teacher – Jack Corbett - was the same age as your son when he spoke to full-houses in Paris, London and Amsterdam. But, with changes in our life-styles, the influence of the mass-media, ‘Child Mediums’ have slipped away, and appear lost for all time. I would suggest your son moves forward with his life, because this life is for living – let him grow, and enjoy life. If his path is spiritual, let that door open when he is older and moved beyond puberty and adolescent years – there is a whole life ahead for him to experience, so let him enjoy it...

My answer may appear blunt; it is not meant to be. The answer I give is based upon years of spiritual unfoldement and endeavours, built and underpinned on one simple gift – common-sense a gift priceless beyond imagination...

Showers of Light and Peace


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