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Re: Family members have all passed away
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 November 2014

Dear Sue

Thank you for your question, one that runs with similarities with a recent previous enquiry I have only answered a short time ago.

I am sorry to hear about the sad events you describe, which all happened throughout the month of August. However nowadays, I am afraid many people look into spiritual matters through a rather negative thought process, imagining all matter of things may happen through twist of fate or coincidence. The reality is rather different; when one looks at the wider perspective of the whole process of life, and the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’.

By personal conviction I am a fatalist. I believe all things happen for a reason, and owing to our restrictions within this world, many often draw upon negatives. One is aware that coincidences do happen and there are occasional incidents that, on face-value, we either do not understand or comprehend. Nonetheless, the point you raise about the month of August, difficult as it must be for you, I would suggest there is nothing to worry or draw false conclusions about. Simply: these things happen, and to more people than perhaps you can imagine. My old spiritual teacher always said: “Accept and reject, within the limitations of your own experience and knowledge...” My conclusion is there is no significance apart from getting you to look upon life, from a wider perspective, which it would appear you have now done...

You say you are going to see a medium, and what question you should ask. Again may I suggest: it is not I - but rather you, who needs to know what questions to ask – after all it is not me who is going for a reading. However, I would suggest you go with an open-mind, and as I have already said – accept and reject at will, though I propose you ask about prevalent points within the pattern of your life. On your point of making a successful contact: again, you must ask yourself what it is you are looking for, knowledge, support, comfort, advice or are you seeking the future. All of the points I bring to your attention are set between you, your loved-ones in light, your spiritual companions and the medium you are going to see..

I wish you peace through knowledge, enlightenment and peace


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