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Re: Do I need formal qualifications as a medium?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 October 2014

Dear Wendy

Thanks for your question, though I am sorry for the delay in replying to you. Unfortunately, I have my daily vocation to follow; answering these questions is something I do on a purely voluntary basis. Wherein my primary responsibilities are held supporting bereaved people, and one can imagine, like yourself held with the time-restraints of this world.

Now back to your question. But first, I believe you should take a step back. Turn the pages of history and you will recognize that the great creator, one seen as God, is venerated as both a male and female deity. Taking this into your thoughts, you realize there have been both men and women who have followed the passages of time in the roles of spiritual people. Gradually this spiritual part of mankind has been replaced, followed and held within the conformity of religion. Yes a person of any religious persuasion, or spiritual position, needs to receive recompense. A Priest, Minister, Elder or Spiritual Guru, may receive remuneration, through money or in some parts of the world simply as food. Except nowadays, motivation is monetary, rather than spiritual support. Encouraging this point is mainstream religion, including the modern movement within the hierarchy of Spiritualism, all in pursuit of money, reward, power and control...

You mention ‘Formal Training’; the snare of changes inside mainstream religion, including Spiritualism, is full of old, worn-out religious dogma and insular rhetoric. Why can ‘Formal Training’ give you a “GIFT”? It can’t. Any training can provide assistance to helping a person, improve and become more proficient at what they are trying to accomplish. Spiritualism and your point about the ‘Rostrum’ is not the universal remedy, or panacea, of all spiritual knowledge. There are many ways of helping and support the people of both-dimension, other than giving a message...

You say you are doing constant readings for friends. You mention walking between two-worlds. We all do; because to a greater or lesser degree, we are all in touch with eternity. Why is this? Because the essence of our being is spiritual, and one-day we all return back to eternity – we are all travelers moving, at this point, in the ‘World of Earth and Matter’...

The question you ask is not logical or plausible. The reality is, we are all gifted. The conundrum is to what degree is the depth and content of your gift? I am a fatalist, by thought and desire. I wholly believe you are where you are meant to be. The logical conclusion from my last sentence is that if you have a gift, a natural opportunity will open; if not, another pathway will open taking you towards your true destiny...

My conclusion: if you believe you are a gifted medium – than ask your spiritual companions. If this is not possible, one can only assume that your gift is not sufficiently developed to follow the path you imply, that you wish to walk upon.

There is every chance this correspondence will be a one-way journey. Therefore, I wish you every success in future days, which with all probability, with not be of monetary gain, other than of spiritual fulfilment.

Showers of Blessings


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