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Re: Partner contacting me
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 October 2014
In Response To: Partner contacting me (Anna)

Though, I have pondered your question, I am sorry this will be a short answer.

Although I am a fatalist by nature, one has to realize that coincidences do happen. Why, one may ask? Simple really; if we knew all of the answers, we would stop searching, seeking and moving forward Ė life isnít a straight line... I gather you live in Australia. I have family in the same part of the world; they also have Gregs in the family. If the name Greg was extraordinary like Albany, Horatio, Malaki, or something else, there would be a concern.

There is nothing untoward, or with spiritual content. My advice is rather simple, just accept things and move on in life...

Kindest of thoughts and hope for understanding


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