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After a bad funeral
Date: 9 September 2014

Dear Mr. Wakeling,

Last week, I had unexpected news which knocked me for six. One of my closest and oldest friends had taken a stroke and died in a coma. She was not old (57), and seemingly in good health. We only had 36 hours notice before the funeral. Remembering that she loved butterflies, and had always seen them at important times in her life, I was wishing that I could find a card or something connected with butterflies to give to her son. But I guessed I would not find one when I was in such a hurry to get ready for her funeral. Then, 2 hours before we were due to leave for the crematorium, my downstairs neighbour said "I've left a present for you outside your door. He often does this, usually it is something like an bag of fruit, or a gift for my cat. To my astonishment and joy, it was a set of the most beautiful greeting cards, all patterned with butterflies! Then, at the cremation, on the front page of the Order of Service was a photograph of a butterly. Sadly, the funeral was not a good one, and did not leave me feeling in any way eased, as a good funeral should.There was not even one single prayer said for her. She would not have been happy about this.

Although she did not follow any particular religion she did believe strongly in God and an afterlife, and would sometimes consult mediums. I feel I should do something else in her memory. I know that for a while she did attend a spiritualist church, but then she moved away from that area of town. Do you think it would be appropriate to attend a service at her old church? I have never attended this type of church before and dont know what to expect. Could I ask for some prayers to be offered specially for her at the service? I feel very strongly that I should do something more spiritual and personal in her memory than she has had so far.

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