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Re: If alone, are we always alone
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 September 2014
In Response To: If alone, are we always alone (Elle)

Dear Elle

Sorry for the late reply, but I have been away from the electronic world of computerisation.

In response to your question, I almost feel like saying eureka... At last, a spiritual question that doesn’t fall into the silliness attached to the darkness of the paranormal. The point you make is a complex one, so I feel we need to look a little at the natural of our being, in this world and the next dimension. Lookig at your question, I am drawn to the opinion you are trying to measure the next dimension through the narrow perspective of this one. In short, you are being drawn into the realms of material, rather than grasping the movement one gains when released from the ‘World of Earth’ into the greater ‘World of Light and Soul’. Yes both worlds have similarities. Life in this world falls into insignificance once you are released from the restriction of matter, and extends into the sublime reality of a world free from the disadvantages we have here... Simply I feel you need to look at spirituality and grasp that a greater love emits through life beyond this one, a place emanates where love is felt by everyone, a love that resonates within all things, under the support of what we can only understand as divinity.

There is often a misguiding view given by some of my spiritual contemporaries. For some people believe we move from this life into total bliss, a paradise. Personally, I do not believe this ‘Utopia’, or as some pronounce ‘Nirvana’ falls within some people’s beliefs, though not mine... If this opinion and perspective is right for them, and we should all have our points of view and points of reference and understanding. I believe the next dimension is far more elevated than this world. Nevertheless, perfection for me is something that is beyond my understanding, though I believe there is such a point, though so far ahead, almost beyond my comprehension.

Now back to the point of the word love. People can depict two people in perfect harmony. But life as we all know is not a ‘straight-line’ – far from it... Just because two people are joined in a wedding bond, or civil partnership, this is an outward expression of their love. For love exists in many forms and to all of us, in different ways. The outward expression of love often hides deeper conviction and realities within itself. But love in its purest sense is deeper than we can imagine. The word love has been studied by great writers, poets, religious leaders, theologians and saints through the pages of history, and still there is a definitive word to embrace it. For some, love is a physical expression, others it is wealth, money or power, and for the fortunate a completeness of oneness.

Yet, I have met people who find love, not with others but within themselves, or surrounded by the movement of nature and the elements of solitude. Sometime ago, I met a gentleman whose lady friend had passed over; her one wish was to meet her greatest love – her pet horse... Like I said; love is different for all of us. You intimate loneliness, or being alone, if there is no one to meet you on the other side of life. I am not a psychologist; therefore, I can only provide a spiritual point of view, though happiness for many is thought to be a “State of Mind”. It is true, we can be in a crowd and alone, in a wilderness and be fulfilled. Yet spirituality is an expression which gives you inner-peace, tranquility, concord and depth of understanding. For this, if you will find it with others, on your own, in the wind, rain and sun. Be patient and time will show you fulfilment, and you “WILL” find more than one person, waiting for you, once you find your inner-self...

I hope you enjoy the journey of this life and find happiness and peace

In Light and Understanding


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