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Re: Stuck
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 10 August 2014
In Response To: Stuck (Matte)

Dear Matte

Thank you for an interesting question.

The point of which you refer simply happens to everyone, it is nothing unusual. What one should remember, the interaction with those who reside in the higher vibrational world of light is entirely natural. This is the situation for young people and children. There exists no clutter, pre-conception, fear, negative thoughts, or concerns. This is why the ‘Animal Kingdom’ interconnects naturally with those who have moved a step ahead. You raised the point about your grandmother. This is another example of someone who perhaps didn’t understand, or was fearful of something she did not understand. My old teacher said: “Our lives are fashioned by the lives of those who have gone before us”. A true statement, because we pick up on others positive and negative experiences, again a natural situation. For the spiritual seeker, once fear is doubted or taken away, light enters into the veil of insecurity, knowledge opens up. This is called - enlightenment.

As I mentioned, we all have to overcome doubts and fears, all part of life. We all need to move forward in this life. For some people, they may consider hold-backs a difficulty, particularly with spiritual unfoldment. However, drawbacks or obstacles hold the key to new opportunity where to further our knowledge, and with spiritual matters, it takes effort, patience and hard-work... What you describe is simply within this category: a hold-back, which should be a stimulus for opportunity and spiritual enhancement.

One point about reaching our spiritual capacity is often over looked. Our ‘Spiritual Companions in Light’, none too dissimilar to ourselves, are all part of the human family. We often forget this critical point. The next dimension, yes, is brighter, clearer and without the problems that befit us in this ‘World of Matter’. But those who help us along this pathway also respond to lots of things we do. One particular is very simple, it is appreciation... In everyday communication, we soon find matters work better for us with a very simple thank you or please. I for one always thank my ‘Spiritual Companions’ for their endeavours, support, guidance and consideration. It doesn’t take much, but it goes along way...

Cultures are changing; yet we should remember, gratitude and appreciation for our ‘GIFTS’ are fundamental and vital. You ask how you can get back, to where you presume you were. Of course, I personally don’t know the exact answer, though I know we are at the exact point where our destiny takes us. However I suggest you spend more time, within your own thoughts, linking to your spiritual companions and the one you perceive as your god. I am of a line of thought, with many of my contemporaries, that all our ‘Gifts’ are only bestowed upon us, like jewels that need to be polished, nurtured and taken care of, until the day we return home. If you do this with thankfulness and truth, they may shine even brighter in the quest of all gifts, which is not for the benefit of us, but for other people.

In Light, Peace and Enlightenment


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