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Re: Sighting of my father
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 July 2014
In Response To: Sighting of my father (Cornelia)

Dear Connie

Thanks for your interesting question. Of course, I can’t exactly say what happened because I wasn’t there, so my answer is rather general. As such, I am taking a viewpoint from a spiritual perspective.

Often when we see a person who has moved from this dimension into eternity, we only get a glimpse. The reason for getting what appears to us as a flash is because of the amount of energy involved. Simply, all things have to be focused, so that we see clearly the form of a spiritual person. In many cases, we only see a vague shape, colour, or outline of a mass of spiritual energy. Perhaps, this is why so many people mention a ghostly apparition. Yet, there are very special times, when we have the good fortune of being aware of someone who has crossed the bridge into eternity for longer. This is another example of the great link between the ‘Two-Worlds’...

My conclusion must rest within your own interpretation of who you saw. You will know in your own heart what it was that you saw... With your description, I believe you saw and were in contact with who you say you saw. At that point in time, the energies were conducive to bring everything together – if only for a brief moment. I believe the red car is inconsequential and just something that made your mind focused, for the point of remembering what happened. It was an instant which gained your full attention - like a dream. For in dreams, we see the landscape of eternity, often gaining a sight of loved-ones who now reside in light. The reason is because the mind, which is the centre of life, is relaxed; as such this correlates the interconnection of energies.

You point out your Dad had lost his sight when in this world. Please try to remember, whilst in this world, our physical bodies are not perfect, we all have imperfections and through the rigour of time, the body deteriorates. Yet the spirit is perfection, and once we are released from our mortal coil, we are not reliant upon earthly matters as we reach out to perfection and light.

Generally, people see the movement of spiritual loved-ones through the landscape of dreams. It would appear to me you have had an occurrence which is clearer and more real. I hope you cherish the memory throughout your earthly travels.

Showers of Blessing and Light


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