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Re: My son needs your help
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 July 2014
In Response To: My son needs your help (Lynette)

Dear Lynette

Thank you for your question. I have thought about your words, and must say I am sorry to hear about the situation you mention with your son.

To be totally honest, if I wrote a million words or more, I wholly believe I cannot provide you with the right answer. Let me explain... First you mention a medical diagnosis; it would be obvious, you have already sought a specialist medical diagnosis. You mention ‘ADHP’. My basic research shows this is to be a complex health issue. Where a child has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a common condition affecting children and adolescents, which for some can continue into adulthood. Taking this into account, I believe it would be ethically wrong to become involved from a distance about a medical prognosis and conclusion. Nevertheless, one should look at the support and help ‘Spiritual Healing’ can provide. Notwithstanding this, I suggest you take a step back and realise the healing we are talking about can often provide wonderful results. Yet, you should recognise ‘Spiritual Healing’ is still considered a ‘Complementary therapy’, supporting health and well-being. It is true, there are a few marvelously gifted healers! Some healers are reasonable; and others, who if their livelihood were at stake, would need to move into another avenue of fulfillment...

In a nutshell, if ‘Spiritual Healing’ is what you are looking for, you need to speak to someone who is qualified and competent to support your needs. You live in the United Kingdom... There are countless ‘Spiritual Churches/Centre’s’ in almost every town and city. Go to them; ask for their advice and guidance! You need to speak directly to someone face-to-face, not through the conduit of an electronic message.

To me, everything emanates through common-sense. Yes I can consign your situation through my thoughts, and this could well help. But you need to speak to someone. If you cannot find anywhere, I suggest you check out the National Spiritualist Union on www.snu.org.uk

Kindest thoughts


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