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Re: Can the deceased hear and see us?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 July 2014
In Response To: Can the deceased hear and see us? (Nichole)

Dear Nichole

I am very sorry to hear about you mother passing-over. But first of all, may I confirm I do not give private readings on this question and answer page. It would be very foolhardy for me to answer any open-ended question via the internet. Yes, you can ‘PAY’ a psychic, but I am not a psychic, and the course of my answers is wholly to provide spiritual guidance, knowledge and awareness.

In simplistic term, there is always an opportunity for a loved-one to return with a message of love, and proof of survival beyond physical death. There is a connection between the ‘Two Great Worlds’. It is simple. It is - LOVE... If there is love, a bridge will build and communication is passed to those who still reside in this and the next dimension. If there is not any love, the link would become tenuous.

You ask, can she see or hear you? Please try to realise there is a link, but a person who passes-over has to move forward, their work is not done. Yes, there are times when loved-ones draw close to us, these times are precious, and need to be developed and nurtured. It all takes time as we know it. Try to think about a loved-one who is still in this life; you are not with them every moment physically or in thought, all of the day. We all move into different opportunities. But by good fortune, and endeavour, we can contact each other through a array of communication gadgets. In the next world, there are fewer opportunities, though of course they do exist, it is more difficult to make contact... Perchance, an easy way to make contact is through your dreams, a time when the mind is still, relaxed and it is easier to interconnect with loved-ones in light.

The answer is yes – but just be patient – all things come to those that wait.

In Light and Peace


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