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Re: Unexpected phone calls
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 July 2014
In Response To: Unexpected phone calls (Sarah)

Dear Sarah

Sorry, for the late reply but work engagements dictate this time of the year a very busy time. Nevertheless, I have looked at this question, and thought deeply about it. I am still not totally sure what exactly, you are asking. I presume, you have had a call from a defunct telephone number. If this is the case, it could be one of a few reasons.

The problem we often have nowadays is people think some discarnate soul from the next world is trying to make contact. This assumption is often wrong, and people allow their minds to conjure up an array of ideas which are often illogical, and in the normal countenance of time, rather foolish to say the least. My spiritual teacher always said, “Always look for a natural reason and not a supernatural one” – wise words. There is only one logical thought, one that has little connection to your friend's passing... I believe that you have already responded to the situation. In simple term, you are starting to look for answers. In life there are always more questions than answers. This is the natural course of life - if we knew all of the answers, we would have no capacity for growth and personal development. You have started to seek and acquire knowledge, by and by asking a question. There may be no immediate answer, yet you are still looking at the greater picture of life, one that extends beyond the parameters of the earthly life, and out into eternity.

My conclusion is simple. You have had a spiritual awakening. Now continue your quest for understanding. It takes time, effort and patience, but well worth it. Gradually the veil of uncertainty will open and you will gain illumination and peace.

Showers of Blessing


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