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Re: Suffering, why?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 May 2010
In Response To: Re: Suffering, why? (Tricia)

Hello again Tricia

Thanks for your question. You mention the problems relating to the quality of life and many health issues people experience prior to their passing from this life into the realms of eternity. You also give reference to the lady in her early eighties, where health issues progressively get worse.

There are many people who have varying views on this difficult question. Indeed, over the weekend I have looked into alternative views to help give you a definitive answer. Sadly, there is no single view; even looking at one of Uri Geller’s books on self-visualisation, where one in general terms one is encouraged to think positively. Yet, taking into account our natural limitations, the situations you mention are often a reflection of the ailing of the body. No matter what one says the sadness and stress, so often recognised with people in the latter period of their physical lives, leaves a sad and often harrowing impression upon our own lives.

In 1971 my father passed into light. He was riddled with cancer during the last part of his physical life. Perhaps without the great fortune of seeing him regularly, and having instruction from him that pain, sadness, sorrow and grief had all gone, for he told me he was now, in his words ‘in a far better place and happy than he had ever been before’. Even so, this does not answer your question. I have my answer and that was gained from my great fortune of seeing my father; perhaps this can be construed as luck. But this realisation was the contributing fact of why I continue to conduct work as a Spiritual Medium.

No one really knows the answers to all things, perhaps faith for some is a greater strength. The spirit endures, because we are all spirit held within a physical body. Pain and the symptoms of pain affects people both physically and mentally. Whether you are 100 years, or a newly born baby, all living things are subject every emotion. Regarding the limits of pain, or any of our physical limitations, I am only capable of commenting within my personal capacity of knowledge. Therefore your final questions can only be answered by a higher authority than mine, and my conscious thought like yours, must be found within faith and deliverance from this world and into the Eternal World of Light.

Perhaps this Spiritual Analogy may be of some help.

A Spiritual Analogy on Age

This body is but a house, a most wonderful house, but not as wonderful as the tenant, the Soul, which resides within it. To add to this thought I was once told this by my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett. Imagine that you were to purchase a brand new car that was immaculate and gleaming in full working condition, sitting in the car showroom. But over the years, with wear, tear and the odd bump that leaves the car needing repair and servicing.

Occasionally a number of new cars have accidents, and misfortune, whilst others are cared for and even pampered. Some people drive badly, keep their foot down on the throttle and have now thoughts on care and safety. So one-day in the future, for some closer than others, even with major repairs new parts and replacements the car will finish up in the scrap/dismantlers yard. But, taking this analogy from a spiritual perspective, the driver gets out, with sadness perhaps, looking back at the old car, but moves on and away. This body is a vehicle, which psychically lasts for a period of earthly time, but when the moment comes for us all, we must move out and onto another greater journey.

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