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Re: Important to Know
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 June 2014
In Response To: Important to Know (A.)


I am sorry I can’t address you correctly, because you have not given your name. However, I have looked at your questions with interest and thought. Nonetheless, I must draw your attention to the fact that owing to a critical factor - time - I will only answer the first two points, which fit into the same question.

I gather you are looking for me to tell you who and what God is. Unfortunately, when you turn the pages of history, there is a catalogue of entries, where people through the pages of time, wish only to impose their views and moralist stance, upon their concept of whom or what God is. I, on the other hand, will not do this for you. Everyone must find their God themselves. It is a personal matter and only you, and you alone, will find the answer. In the next dimension, you will meet a society of people freed from the limitations of this world; some interact with this world, and others have different pathways and spiritual growth to undertake. I also note with interest your descriptive phraseology of the word ‘God’. Personally this is a word I do not use. More so, my personal preference is more akin to the “Native North American Indians” terminology of the “Grandfather of the Universe”, the “Great Creator”, or as the Sioux Indians name Wakan Tanka, the life-force of everything in the universe and beyond...

You ask about the soul, which is: “Spiritual energy that manifests itself through the physical body”. Although I have over 30 years of experience in spiritual matters, I am not the panacea of all things. Indeed, I am not of the belief that your third question is at all, a serious one. The fragile link between the ‘Two Great Worlds’, is tentative to say the least. The link we have is a most precious gift, a bridge to support the bereaved, lost and alone people of this world. I am sure, asking my spiritual companions, a ridicule question about ‘A Mushroom's Soul’, would be a total waste of valuable energy. This wonderful energy is vital; and is better used to support the bereaved, those who have lost a great love in their life through physical death. If you watch the movies, there is a great one-liner in the film “Dirty Harry”, where Clint Eastwood said: “A man’s got to know his own limitations”. I know mine; asking or wondering about Mushrooms, and Flowers Souls, is most defiantly, beyond my limitations...

In conclusion you ask; what is the purpose of life in this world. My only thought for you is to open your mind. Seek and take time to look around and within yourself. If you do not, you will miss the beauty within the movement of this life. If you are searching for an effortless answer, you will have a very long wait. Read the many answers I have placed upon ‘Spiritualist Resources’: it is there, if you are prepared to look.

In Light and Hope


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