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Re: Spirituality
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 June 2014
In Response To: Spirituality (Josh)

Dear Josh

Thank you for your question and for giving me the pleasantry of saying thank you at the end, nowadays something which is becoming rarer by the day.

You mention that much has happened to you over recent times. This would indicate a changing period in your life; one would presume this is why you are having clear recollections of your dreams. However, your dream about the world ending would have no link with another person passing from this world. Why you may ask? The answer is quite simple, it is illogical. The interaction between the ‘Two-Great Worlds’, though we often don’t see it, follows a natural order, something we all become aware through the process of illumination of the mind. Rather than going over the intricacy of the question about ‘Dreams’, I suggest you look at my website www.stephenwakeling.com. At the bottom of the page there is a ‘Category’ marked ‘Spiritual Articles’ and if you click onto the third page there is a whole category about the subject of ‘The Process of Dreaming’. I am sure if you wish, you will find more understanding about the whole subject you mention.

Your second point is about the ‘Aura’. There are many people who assert to seeing the movement and changes within the ‘Auric Field’. Sadly, many only see the Aura psychically and are not aware of the greater depth of this subject. In reality there are four Auras. They are the Physical, Mental (the head and shoulders area), Etheric and Spiritual Aura. From your explanation, I consider the person you refer to is focusing on the ‘Mental Aura’. Again, I believe the reference about ‘Indigo’, is within what is known as the ‘Natural State’. To help you, I have added a ‘Footnote’ at the end of my answer. Simply speaking the colour indigo transcribes as: Someone with the potential of high spiritual achievement. If the person you mentioned had attained understanding about the ‘Auric Fields’, they would have given depth to their assertions. If the colour had ‘Light Tones’, this could be interpreted as a person who is loyal, with a sincere personality, highly intuitive and possibly someone who enjoys music and solitude. If a deeper shade, the indication is of an individual with high spiritual convictions.

All things have an opposite; if the indication of ‘indigo’ had a darker shade, the explanation points towards introversion, or someone who to lives in a ‘dream world’. Yet indigo is a good meditative colour. Taking this all into account, I am more of the opinion the individual you mention simply used the colour as a reference point. I would suggest you take little stock what was said, like the point about the spirit guide... It is common place, for random articulation about some discarnate being. It’s as if those highly evolved spiritual people are looked upon by some people, as a trick, or side-show on a ‘Travelling Funfair’. The assertion about being the biggest ‘Spiritual Guide’ is a throw-away point. It has no bearing on spirituality and that they can support you, your friends, family and acquaintances. To me this is all balderdash, detracting away from the true purpose of our spiritual companions who are enlightened and trying to open our minds to peace and understanding.

I am really sorry, but I can’t make head or tails about your last few words. If you are asking for a reading, I would suggest you look for a local spiritual medium. However, if you are seeking spiritual communication yourself, I would suggest you have found it already, through the ‘Landscape of the Dreams’ you mentioned at the beginning of your question...

In Light and Illumination - Stephen


The ‘Natural State’ is the energy field identified either by objective or subjective clairvoyance. The colour identified existing around a person, signifies either the present situation, or conditions around a particular person. The colour within the ‘Natural State’ like the Aura doesn’t provide an insight in the future or most certainly doesn’t foretell forthcoming events.

Natural State awareness is an ideal platform for a new student developing their ‘Spiritual Faculties’. The process is suitable for an insight into awareness of both the Mental and Psychical Auric Fields; this in turn presents a key for the identification of potential spiritual opportunities, whilst signifying the present state of a person’s material position. Positive or negative vibrations are identified and an insight is provided through the interpretation within the configuration of the colour(s) observed.

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