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Re: Trance Mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling <stephen@stephenwakeling.com>
Date: 24 May 2010
In Response To: Trance Mediumship (malcolm)

Hello Malcolm,

Thank you for your question about Trance Mediumship. I am a little surprised that with the years of mediumship you mention, this subject has not brought you your own conclusions. Nonetheless, perhaps this area of spiritual work has not become clear or apparent.

You mention an interest in becoming a trance medium. There is one major obstacle. The obstacle is one that many people in these times have forgotten. The barrier is simple – are you gifted? There is so much that fall into the category of pseudo-trance nowadays and when you have seen the ‘real’ thing then you will not take second-best. The ‘quick-fix’ attitude is not the answer. First of all, are you truly gifted, with the divine gift of ‘Trance-Mediumship’ and are you prepared for the hours and hours, years and years of dedication required to reach the diamond within all spiritual gift? If the answer is yes to both, then and only then may there be a doorway to move through.

The great trance mediums of yesterday, Gordon Higginson, Leslie Flint and many more, have all moved out into light. Yes, there are a few around today but not many – perhaps a hand-full. There may be many more in what we call primitive parts of the world, but may I suggest they are more in touch! The lure of the dollar, pound or rupee in short materialism has taken its toll with this wonderful gift. I asked a friend who has been working for many years within the field of Trance-Mediumship and his answer was that you are seeking the ‘Holy Grail’.

If you want some contacts please let me know via my personal stephen at www.stephenwakeling.com or may I suggest that you contact the Spiritualist National Union on www.snu.org.uk. I am sure they will be able to help you.

Below I have taken an extract from my website reference the World of Light and Trance. I hope it helps you to find what you seek:

The World of Light is a vibrant community of people freed from the restraints of earth. The message is simple that a community of people are freed from the limitations of matter and from the World of Light pass back information, regarding their continuity of life, to loved ones, who are still here in the earth environment. The medium must capture and encapsulate the vibration through the altered state of the mind and pass the information to the loved one as they sense, feel and interpret it. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are living things, focus on these conditions and you are able to understand the altered state of consciousness, or higher level of the mind. In this way, you have to clearly relay the information received, and eliminate your own thoughts. Of course this takes time, effort and understanding. Focus and correct training, allows the subconscious mind of the medium to be put to one side for the period of communication; thus, the message is not clouded, and does not become incoherent or illegible to the recipient. It is essential not to misinterpret the message, by jumping to any form of conclusion. The art of true mediumship is to give a message as you receive it, with emotion, love and compassion.

Deep-trance mediumship is very rare gift in this day and age. Sadly, there are some who have asserted themselves to pseudo-trance. Strange garbled messages, that often relies on second-hand spurious information, transferring information that could be obtained through any book, or leaflet. In the past there have been incredible gifted trance-mediums, whose spiritual gifts have stood the test of time. The whole purpose of trance is an altered state of consciousness; indeed all true spiritual mediums, unlike the psychics, take steps into various states of control. The ethos of trance is that a message is not given through a second person, the medium, therefore being the second person. All communication is weakened by the amount of links in the chain by taking the medium out of the direct equation, the message become merely an unconscious part of the process. This state is vital, it is difficult, yet if a person is truly gifted this can happen, seldom yes but in the old days, it was more common. Misuse and abuse have reduced genuine trance mediumship, today, we now have only a very few exponents in the world.

Deep-trance is a very extraordinary gift, where information can be passed that is not deficient. The pleasantries of the spirit world are well documented; but the truly gifted exponent of trance passes information to loved ones in a manner that out-strips mental mediumship, bringing verification of survival of physical death beyond any doubt. This then, must be the benchmark of genuine deep-trance, if this is not given, one has not been witness to the true words of spirit stepping through the veil of eternity. Those who possess the wonderful gift have to be trained to go into this deep state of unconsciousness. It is through this state that the spirit world uses the mediums as a vessel, to project the conditions of the World of Light through direct communication.

I have great fortune to have the gifts of clairvoyance in both its objective and subjective states. Objective is to see the form of spirit, subjective is to see the form of spirit through the portal of the mind, or as some say, through the mind's-eye. My teacher Jack Corbett was a deep-trance medium, perhaps it is an area of spiritual work that I may be directed upon, but not one I envisage for the next few years.

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