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Re: What happens to the soul when suicide is committed
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 June 2014


First of all I must say how sorry I am to hear about your sad loss. The tragedy of anyone, particularly a loved-one, family member, or close friend, through suicide is heart wrenching and devastating. I have answered this question many times, so I can add little new, that I have already written through many pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’. Nonetheless, I have my answer below. I hope it helps you...

For any person, to be at such an unhappy time, is a terrible sad situation. We all have periods in our physical lives when, at a certain point, we are almost in a period of darkness. Fortunately most people are able to climb out of these situations and to move forward. There is a school of thought that believes suicide is a fundamental component of life. My belief is that such a tragic situation is reflective of all of humanity. When someone is at their lowest abyss and the only option is the one you describe, we should all shoulder responsibility.

I am not a medically trained person. Therefore, I know little about the physical complexities measured within the delicate balance of the mind. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly believe that humanity needs to have the compassion to support all people, if only through thought and good deeds. Regarding your boyfriend, you should try not to blame yourself; it is not your fault. Like many people who slip from the edge of life, there are those who make attempts. The whole of society should take accountability for the well-being of the human family, whether in times of happiness or sorrow.

There are people who have a strange idea that we have to pay in the next world for suicide. I feel this view is senseless, derogative and totally lacking in spiritual understanding and knowledge. All things are for a purpose; that is why the natural law of ‘Cause and Effect’ comes into effect. This basically means that if we do one thing, then there will be a reaction to it. *I have placed a footnote below about it. This may also help you to come to terms, and support you in the realisation that you are in no way to blame for this very sad situation. People, who take their lives and leave this earthly world are immediately greeted by a thousand out-stretched hands. The gentle hands of our companions from the world of eternal light and peace will support the saddened heart. Help is always at hand; not to discipline, correct, or chastise. Just to comfort, heal and guide a person, along the many corridors of light and wonder. There is no pointing of fingers, just a period of help, spiritual balance and acceptance through the healing hands of divine guardians. No one person is perfect; we are all flawed, in one way, or another. Those who await us, within the realms of the ‘World of Light,’ comfort and allow everyone of us to gain our equilibrium through balance and peace. Perhaps you may also give thought to the fact that we are all within the ‘circle of life’, all at different points, upon the movement of life.

So in conclusion, you ask is he still with you. As with all things there is a ‘Rule of Thumb’, which is rather simple. If you love someone, there is a bond, one that exists beyond physical death. The great bond is love, and where there is love in its ‘purest sense’, it will continue through all that we know and comprehend. Therefore, the link of love will never die or be lost. It will happen for you as it happens for everyone else, because it is love, and as such this is your answer – yes...

My thoughts, prayers and blessings go out to you. Move forward dear friend and grasp the joy of this earthly world, gain inner strength, peace, and you will win through and reach happiness.

In Light and Peace – Stephen


A fundamental rule of life is one that embraces the movement of all things. The rule is known as Cause and Effect. The consequence of one energy set against another, for example, light and dark, male and female, or the differing seasons of spring and autumn. Since the dawn of time we have received teachings which conclude that opposites are but extensions of themselves. The result is likened to the opposite hands of a clock. Consequently, we can apply this to ourselves when seeking physical or spiritual balance.

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